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"We are excited to put the power back in the hands of the ravers and the creators"

What is Project Rave?

The origin of the world's first community-driven, decentralized music festival.

It’s funny - the blockchain ideology and concept of decentralization seems to intertwine perfectly with the mindset of party people:

⭐️  No regulating authority = more fun

⭐️  Less delays = more time having fun

⭐️  Encouraged participation = more people to have fun with

⭐️  Increased creativity = more ways to have fun

We can continue to list more of these or we can have you answer this simple question to summarize everything we're trying to convey:

"You gotta give the people what they want, right?"

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to Project Rave.

Holding a RaveBoy or RaveGirl NFT will be your ticket to the most riveting EDM music festival of 2022. We are excited for you to enter the Raver’s Universe and coalesce with our DAO community at our exclusive event. Here, we will be partying hard while supporting the decentralization of the music industry. We hope to bring this movement to the public eye.

Why should we decentralize the music industry?

⭐️  Efficiency

Through smart contracts, musicians could be paid for fractions of a cent each time a listener pressed play on one of their songs, allowing the process of royalty payments to take place in seconds instead of multiple months.

⭐️  Authenticity

Decentralization allows for proofs of authenticity for digital content and counteracts low transparency in metadata and copyrights. In other words, there is a secure way to prove ownership over a specific piece of music.

⭐️  Compensation

Blockchain technology cuts out middlemen and stops them from stealing money from creators. This will allow for maximal artist payouts and direct seller-consumer relationship. The creators will be rewarded properly.

Based in Miami, we are excited to announce our partnership with multiple DJs, influencers, and others who share this common ideology and are excited to help us make this happen. We want the community to decide how they want their events run, cut out the nonsense, and optimize the party experience. At the same time, we want to support our artists and creators. Together, we the people will not only throw one hell of a party, but we will simultaneously prove the power of blockchain and support the decentralization of the music industry at a massive real-life event.

Let’s go baby.