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Raver's Universe

Only 10,000 Ravers will be minted, ever! Each RaveBoy and RaveGirl will be hand-drawn from scratch. The ravers minted in this series will serve as tokens to enjoy: 

⭐️  Our first exclusive event in 2022: Project Rave

⭐️  30% of the earnings distributed to founding community

⭐️  Resources to teach independent artists how to grow their brand using blockchain technology and NFTs

⭐️  Private channels to suggest ideas & vote on event planning

⭐️  Drops of festival tickets, rave gear & exclusive merch

⭐️  Whitelist access to our Series 2 Launch: DJ's

⭐️  An exclusive network with producers/creators in the EDM scene interested in blockchain technology

⭐️  Access to private sections at Project Rave, private after-party events, opportunity for backstage access

The Roadmap

Create RaversUniverse Community

The RaversUniverse community will grow together in the RaversUniverse Discord. Members will win free festival tickets, enjoy memes, share rave experiences, and interact with DJs.

Launch Series 1 Ravers

Each raver will be a unique, collectible token providing utility and value to its holder. Each NFT will serve as a ticket to the party and receive the benefits in our DAO community.

Distribute Rewards to Existing Token Holders

These include, but are not limited to, giveaways of upcoming festival tickets (VIP & GA), airdrops, rave apparel, & more. We will announce the date that we will take a snapshot of owners.

Invest Money Into Our Community

We will distribute 30% of earnings and 2.5% royalty on secondary sales directly to the community wallet. Members of our DAO community will vote on how to use these funds.

Launch Series 2 DJs

DJs will be limited edition NFTs released into the Raver's Universe. This will begin 3 days after the Series 1 mint.

Host Project Rave and Initiate Future Event Planning

Our NFT holders & DAO community will discuss and vote on how Project Rave will be run with funds raised on NFT sales. Revenue will be used for bigger and better events.

Many more!

We look forward to creating Raver’s Universe merchandise, building a decentralized marketplace for our community, hosting international events and continuing to support our community.

About Us

Hi! We are the team behind Raver’s Universe. We are a group of ravers and developers who have previously worked on multiple successful NFT projects. We are elated to be part of this long term project that focuses more on building a community than anything else. Together, we want to bring public awareness to decentralize the music industry to instill a sense of agency back into the creators. Decentralized industries remove the middleman between creator and consumer, and in the music industry that means sidestepping major labels, gatekeepers to Spotify Playlists, and other key resources that make “making it” in the music industry possible. With the middleman removed, creators can not only control how they brand themselves online, but directly receive the profits from their creations thanks to NFT’s. We see these creators as not only major influencers over creative and consumer culture, but see them as key players in a marketplace that’s driven by visual and audio content consumption. Our goal is to help them secure ownership over the creations that are shaping our society today and restore power to the individual.

Dr. Solana

Co-founder of RaversUniverse and avid cryptocurrency investor. After graduating Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Neuroscience, he hopes to combine his passion for entrepreneurship with his expertise in the mesolimbic pathway of the brain. 

When he’s not caring for his patients, he enjoys lifting weights, listening to EDM music and studying decentralized finance.

Mr. Moon

Co-founder of RaversUniverse, fitness enthusiast and investor. He developed a passion for fitness at an early age which led him to pursue a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science.

After graduating from college he decided to figure out how to maximize his potential and began to study cryptocurrency. Now he plans to help people with unlocking their full potential through fitness and investing.

Ms. Nina

Nina is our artist and designer. She received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and specializes in color theory, typography, and illustration. She combines her background in traditional art and experience creating digital artwork to create various successful projects.

Nina grew up playing Harvest Moon and simulation games. She enjoys spending time with her family and cat named Dora.